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Tonic vs Phasic Muscles

Tonic vs. Phasic Muscles

There are only two main reasons for poor posture: Tight Tonic Muscles – Our Tonic Muscles are those that hold our posture; they can contract and tighten up which makes it harder to achieve the right posture. These muscles need to be exercised and stretched regularly to improve your range of motion – this will help to improve your posture. Weak Phasic Muscles – Phasic muscles are what we use for our dynamic movement. If these weaken and lengthen, we tend to slouch or slump more often. If these muscles are strengthened correctly, our necks and backs can maintain proper posture all day. Tonic and Phasic Muscles in your neck and back.


Stretching short muscles helps improve posture.


Muscles are responsible for maintaining posture, physical movement, and movement of internal organs.


Your muscles have to work hard just to hold you up if you have poor posture.

The Posture Medic can help us to care for our postural muscles which we often overlook due to our lifestyles. Instead of having to constantly remind ourselves to sit up straight, stand tall and exercise our muscles, the Posture Medic can help to maintain the health of our muscles and restore the correct posture.