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Every inch forward of head posture can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an extra 10 lbs.


Lack of sleep increases insulin resistance and increases chances for getting diabetes.


Sleeping without a pillow as a kid can improve your posture.


Bad posture can also be caused by the mattress.

We never really consider that our posture might be bad while we sleep. Considering we spend over a third of our lives asleep, the way we sleep can put a lot of strain on our back and neck. A supportive mattress and a good pillow will not only help you sleep better, it will also make sure you wake up without discomfort. The three main sleep positions that many of us adopt are:

Sleeping On Our Back

Sleep on your back with a proper pillow to support your neck. Get more comfortable by putting a pillow under your knees too.

Those who sleep on their backs are susceptible to lower back pain and tension. Putting a pillow under the knees can help to alleviate some of the pressure.

Back sleepers need a firm pillow that supports the neck but also allows the back of the head to drop back so that your neck is perfectly aligned with the rest of your spine. Soft pillows do not provide the support needed as the filling simply moves off to the side when pressure is applied to it.

Special pillows known as Orthopaedic pillows have contours (or divots) in the centre to provide support.

Sleeping On Our Side

Sleeping on your side with a proper pillow to support your neck.

Side sleepers should accommodate the gap between the head and shoulder. The neck should remain at a 90 degree angle from the line of your shoulder (as shown in the picture above).

It is not advisable to sleep with your arm under your head or to use two pillows, as the pillow should not allow the neck to tilt down or flex up, if this is the case, you should consider purchasing a new pillow with firmer support.

When you sleep on your side, the knees should be aligned with each other so that the hips are kept straight. If this is uncomfortable, try putting a small pillow between your knees to space them apart.

Sleeping On Our Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach should really be avoided as there is no right way to do so since it doesn’t offer any beneficial support. If you have no choice but to sleep on your stomach due to an injury, you have to try and keep your neck in line with your spine as much as you can. This can be aided by not using a pillow.

Don’t forget to stretch, strengthen and stabilize your neck and back muscles with Posture Medic during the day to help you to get a more comfortable night’s sleep and wake up well-rested and pain free.

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended because it aggravates your neck and back.