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Original versus Plus Strength

Original versus Plus Size

The  Posture Medic Original is perfect for those who are not quite so athletic and lead a more sedentary lifestyle. It is a great place to begin if you’re new to exercising your back and neck muscles. It offers an excellent workout and stretch for all users without providing too much resistance, which is ideal for beginners.

The  Posture Medic Plus strength is specially designed for those who are stronger and more active as it uses a heavier resistance band, providing users with a high athletic stretch and resistance to stabilise their posture efficiently during our exercise program, which strengthens their core back and neck muscles. All other product features are the same for both strengths.


Poor posture in children who carry heavy backpacks is commonly known as ‘backpack syndrome’.


A backpack is too heavy if the child leans forward or has rounded shoulders whilst wearing one.


Constant slouching may also be down to poor eyesight.


Holding your hands behind your back while walking will actually make you even more slouched.

Most users will find that the Original Strength is just right for their needs and provides a great workout and stretch for their posture. But if you’re not sure which strength to go for, try on the Posture Medic in both strengths to see which one feels most comfortable to you and try some of the simple stretches to make sure you find the correct fit for you.